West Nile Virus Activity in the NCMCA

Considering the time of the year- its been a busy week for mosquito control and West Nile Virus across the Association. Pools of mosquitoes tested positive in the Twin Cities Metro area this week. Sources from MMCD say the the overall WNV presence was found at least 2 weeks earlier than 2016. Meanwhile the South Dakota Department of Health confirmed the first human West Nile infection of 2017. The SD resident lives in Davison County which the City of Mitchell SD also resides.

Elsewhere widespread rainfall arrived to cool the parched high plains after several weeks of abnormal dryness and quantifiable drought.

To date, positive samples of West Nile virus have been found in :

Michigan (birds)


South Dakota(human)

Clearly these infections establish what will most likely be a challenging year ahead.


Good Luck and Stay Safe Out There!